THE WAX AND RELAX ROOM - North Carolina's Best Kept Secret!
Women Only

Brow/Chin Lip 27.00         (add on service)

Underarm         15.00        (add on service)

Abdomen         10.00         (add on service)

High Frequency Laser Wand .....This service will help to reduce ingrown hair.  This can be bone after waxing service.   20.00  (add on service)

                     PREGNANCY WAXING
All hard wax is used and extra time added appointment
  Brazilian 60.00  Brazilian/Back strip 65.00

Classic Bikini  25.00  (outside underwear line)  Add on behind 20.00     back strip 15.00

Partial Wax  35.00 ( A little off top and just inside bikini line but does NOT include middle area) add on behind  20.00       back strip 15.00

Brazilian  50.00 (everything EXCEPT back strip....anal area)
add on behind 15.00

Full Brazilian   55.00  (everything, and includes back strip/anal area)      add on behind  15.00

Behind Wax Service (buttocks) 20.00        

Back strip/anal Wax  Service   20.00   

Upper back part of leg and upper inner thigh add on   10.00

Lower leg (includes knees)  35.00

Upper Leg  (includes bikini wax and knees)   45.00

Full Leg wax / Bikini         85.00  

Full Leg / Partial                95.00

Full Leg /Brazilian             105.00

Full Leg  / Full Brazilian    110.00
                    WAXING PRECAUTIONS

1. Three Days or 72 hours Prior/After Discontinue using        Retin A, Renova, Tanning, and Sun bathing
2. Hair should be 1/4 inch long (at least 2-3 weeks long) and PLEASE  DO NOT TRIM hair. 

3. Take two Advil or Tylenol 30 minutes before your appointment.

4. Please don't drink alcohol .

5. Discontinue the use of Accutane for 6 months Prior to Waxing. 

6. No coffee or exercising before appointment no exercising after appointment for 24 hours

7. No heavy sweating before or after appt. for at least 24 hours .

8. Being on or near your menstrual cycle can cause more discomfort. 

9. You MUST wear a tampon if on cycle.

10. Extreme nervousness can sometimes cause some discomfort .

11. If you are prone to ingrown hairs you should gently exfoliate the day before appt. 

12. You can purchase a products that helps reduce ingrown hairs.

13. You will be fine no need to be scared!

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