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Our Service Doesn’t Stop

We don’t just offer hair removal treatments; we also make sure our clients have a better understanding of them before and after the appointment!

Helpful Waxing Advice 

The Wax And Relax Room doesn’t just offer hair removal treatments for women; we also make sure our clients have a better understanding of them before and after the appointment. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me in Cary, North Carolina.

Tips to Consider: 

  • Waxing can be an uncomfortable process. This is due to the hair is being pulled from the root. Please have at least three weeks of hair growth or 1/4 inch of hair (the size of a grain of rice).
  • You should refrain from sweating. This includes exercising, swimming, tanning, and sunbathing before waxing.
  • You can exfoliate the day before the appointment.
  • Do not put body lotion on the day of waxing and after.
  • Advil is recommended about 45-60 mins before waxing appointment to help with discomfort.
  • Waxing removes hair from the root. Unlike with shaving, the hair is cut at the surface and for some, the hair will begin to grow back within hours of shaving.
  • Soft wax is removed with a waxing strip or muslin strip. Hard wax is removed without strips.
  • Although pain does subside as soon as the wax is over, it can remain sensitive. It is recommended for the next 24-48 hours to refrain from scrubs or scrubbing extremely hot water, sunbathing, and direct sun. After 48 hours have passed or the sensitivity has subsided, you can begin to exfoliate to remove dead skin so pores do not become clogged, causing ingrown hairs and bumps.

  • To treat redness, apply a small amount of cortisone cream or Polysporin (not Neosporin) from the drugstore.
  • Ingrown hairs are hairs that have curled around and grown back into your skin instead of rising up from it.
  • A skin care solution can be purchased to help prevent ingrown hairs from forming.
  • If you are not prone to ingrown, then you have nothing to worry about!
  • After waxing, refrain from rubbing your hands on the waxed area without washing them. This will help in preventing what is known as a Bacterial Reaction from dirty and sweaty hands.
  • You should refrain from sweating which includes exercising, swimming, tanning, and sunbathing AFTER waxing.
  • Clients may have an allergic histamine breakout reaction. This is due to the hair seated on the nerve and when removed, it stimulates the body's defenses system. We advise using a Hydrocortisone Cream for relief.

Please refrain from sex for 24 hours if possible!

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